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Digital Marketing & Online Advertising

Marketing your business online is essential in the digital age of advertising. Your customers are online, your prospects are online and your business should be online as well. Whether you want to explore Search Engine Marketing or Social Media, Paid Advertising solutions or create an Online Business Strategy, Documentti has the experience to help you grow your business online.

Email Marketing


Contrary to popular belief that everyone hates getting emails, most people are addicted to checking their emails more than twice a day. Some people admitting to having alerts on for when new emails come in so they can check them instantly.
The big difference in successful and unsuccessful email campaigns is the not about sending more or less emails, it’s about how they are positioned and targeted through segmentation and tracking and this is where 90% of people get it wrong.


Email marketing when done correctly can build not only a valuable assets for the business (the data base) but also build a relationship with your market keeping you top of mind while positioning your business as number one in your field. The best part is, after initial set up the whole process can be automated to keep working for you while you sleep.


The email software we use offers in depth reporting so that you get a good idea of what your market wants and likes.


We offer a full email campaign service including


  • Planning and strategy for building a database and marketing effectively
  • Copy writing for companies that don’t have the time to be writing content
  • Conversion testing and tracking to help your campaign perform at its peak


Due to the low set up investment, automated delivery and low maintenance email marketing campaigns can provide a solid return on investment for any business.


Being a pivotal cog in the wheel, email marketing ties in well with SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing, helping each one to provide you with a better return on investment.


Online Advertising


Pay Per Click Advertising is a great tool to help a business get targeted traffic to their website in a short time frame – your website can be getting traffic, leads & even sales in a matter of days or weeks

Using our integrated advertising platform – your advertising will allow you to get access to 97% of the places people search online.


Track true conversions


We track true conversions from your campaign, including phone calls, emails, web forms, and more. We provide detailed online reports (available 24×7), complete with call recordings, so that you can listen to the calls and see the value of each dollar spent.


Optimize your campaign


We optimise your campaign daily based on your conversions (phone calls, emails, web forms)—not clicks. This means we dynamically allocate your budget to the keywords and search engines that bring the most consumers to your business.


Capture more leads


Thousands of local consumers are looking for your product or service on search engines and local directories. We help you capture those leads by intelligently placing your ad on our extensive search network comprised of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and many more, ensuring you are covered wherever consumers search.


We have combined years of industry experience, Research & Development project management expertise with solutions, specifically to minimise the time, cost,complexity and risk.


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